School History

Arrowhead Middle School

Location:  1715 N. 82nd Street


1959 – Property acquired through condemnation process from Robert Maupin (brother of Dorothy Maupin Shaffett). Mrs. Shaffett currently lives on adjoining property and holds the original abstract deed for the entire property and her home (deeded from Indians – Delaware land). Record of condemnation is on microfilm and available through Surveyor’s office (1624-B).

Mrs. Shaffett was employed with the Washington District (USD 201) when it was attached to USD 500 in January of 1967. She was transferred to the district’s business office and was payroll clerk until her retirement around 1976.   In 2004, Mrs. Shaffett resides on the property adjoining Arrowhead Middle School.  Her sister’s home is next door to the Shaffett family and Mrs. Shaffett tells us that this home was originally a two-room school.

1960: Construction of Arrowhead Jr High School by Washington District. “Schools in KCKs in Years of Change, 1964-86,” by O. L. Plucker, Superintendent Emeritus, June, 1987

1961 – First occupied in March.

1967 – January. Part of USD 201 attached to Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools (USD 500) in January, 1967.

1968 – School severely crowded. Addition to building – combination study hall/cafeteria/general purpose room built to avoid putting school on split sessions.

1969 – Enrollment more than 1320 – almost double normal capacity.

1970 – Ninth grade assigned to Washington High School because of overcrowding.  Washington on split sessions.

Information on record at the Wyandotte County Courthouse indicates an easement for utilities in 1970. Reference – 1655, page 162.

1971 – New kitchen built in 1968 dining area.  Old kitchen remodeled to industrial arts use.  Schools in KCKs in Years of Change 1962-1986, Dr. Oren L. Plucker, 1986

1973 – Eisenhower Junior High School opened. New boundaries established. Ninth grade returned to Arrowhead. Enrollment at 875.  Washington back on regular day.

1977 – Northeast Junior High School closed because of desegregation court order. Students reassigned and attendance areas redefined. Approximately 175 seventh and eighth graders to Arrowhead (non-contiguous zone).

1980 – Tax exempt status recorded in 1980. 7A2556-District 1AA

1982 – Ninth grade assigned to Washington High School . All junior highs now to be middle schools serving grades 6-8.

1994 – Summer: Heating and cooling improvements made to school. Air conditioning added.

2001 – Voters approved a proposed $120 million bond issue at the Municipal Election Tuesday (April 3, 2001) to air-condition schools, improve technology, and make other upgrades to schools and public libraries. Arrowhead was part of Phase III, which was completed in the summer of 2003.