2021-22 Enrollment Resources

Middle School Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year

Welcome back Middle School Students!

We are excited to welcome you back and want to make sure you get the most out of your middle school experience. Remember all those tasks in Naviance, the activities you participated in during advocacy, and the Diploma+ experiences you’ve participated in? Think about everything you have learned about college and careers … Use that knowledge to inform your middle school course selection. We have a few elective courses you may choose from; use what you know about your learning style, your skill sets, your goals for the future, and make course selections that best fit you!

Middle School Enrollment Timeline:

Date Event

Attend Family Advocacy Day with your Parent/Guardian. Explore your Individual Plan of Study and discuss middle school course options.

Feb. 12th-Feb. 19th

Task to complete: Login to Infinite Campus to check your 21-22 school.

  • Directions for checking 21-22 School
  • Is the middle school listed correct? If so, great – no action needed.
  • If you think the middle school listed is incorrect, use the link provided at the bottom of the directions to let us know.

Task to complete: Look for enrollment resources on your MS Webpage.

Feb. 22-March 11

Task to complete: Explore middle school course options

  • Discuss your choices for next year with your parents/guardians, content teachers, advocacy teacher, current counselor, and other trusted adults.
  • Resources are found on your MS webpage under 2021-22 Enrollment Resources.

Task to complete: Login to Infinite Campus to use the Course Registration Tool to select courses for 2021-22 School Year.

  • Directions for Course Registration for 2021-22 School Year
  • Your choices will automatically save and you can come back to edit them later.
    • First, REQUEST your top choices for elective courses.
    • Then, select ALTERNATE courses elective courses you would like, if your first choice is not available.
    • You may not make changes to the REQUIRED courses already listed.

2021-2022 Electives Courses

Band 6/7/8
Orchestra 6/7/8
Vocal Music 6/7/8

Intro to Computer Applications 6/7/8
Code Creators 6/7/8
Computer Applications 8

Intro to Theatre 6/7/8
Advanced Theatre 7/8

Art 6/7/8

Exploring Spanish 6/7/8
Intro to Spanish Heritage Speakers 6/7/8
Spanish 1 HS 8
Spanish Heritage Speakers 1 HS 8

Intro to Creative Writing 6/7/8
Intro to Speech Communications 6/7/8