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Dear Families:


Next week, students will be taking the Kansas Assessment Program Interim Test. This is the first of three interim tests that students will participate in throughout the school year, before they take the final Kansas Assessment in April. This interim test will show how much progress students have made toward the state standards so far this year. As a school, we will be able to use this data to help inform our instruction and better serve the needs of all our students.  Each grade level will take one test for English language arts and one test for mathematics.  On testing days, please encourage your student to eat a healthy breakfast and get a full night’s rest.  We are excited for students to get to show how much they have learned in this first quarter, and we can’t wait to celebrate their progress.

If you are interested in reading more about the Kansas Assessment program, the following website has information for families:  https://ksassessments.org


Interim Schedule:

Grade Math English
6th: October 8th October 14th
7th: October 8th October 14th
8th: October 10th October 7th


Thank you for your support in helping our students reach excellence. We are so grateful for you and the flourishing partnership between our school and the families we serve.


Mrs. Hurley, Principal

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